Posted on: March 2, 2010 9:30 am

Ole Miss Mascot

 As an alum of Ole Miss, I am pissed about this whole situation. The reality is Ole Miss did not have a mascot. The administration removed the Colonel several years ago. Now the adminstration with the ASB, had a "vote" about a new mascot. Most couched the vote as the students voted for something else. The reality is that the students were not really given a choice. They could have voted to continue with no mascot or get a new one. Around 30% of the students voted and a majority voted for something new over nothing at all, The Colonel was never on the ballot. Why? Because the Colonel would have won.

It is sad to see professors and former educators that are now administrators being hypocrites They talk about grandiose ideas of freedom of speech and expression. They even talk about granting freedom of speech and expression to those who have some ideas that are very dangerous, sick or truly strange all in the name of truth. In the ivory towers of higher education, these ideas of freedom of speech and expression exist without question but their actual practices are far from their words.The reality is they do not practice what they preach. Shame on the adminstration for doing this.

I really hope this hurts Ole Miss in the end. I hope sales of merchandize falls and the pain is felt in the Lyceum. I will say one thing that is good. I have a bunch of stuff with the Colonel all over it.
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Posted on: March 2, 2010 9:18 am

More B.S.

Another thread about Texas to the Big 10. Okay, I don't play fantasy games and that is what people are doing when they say Texas and the Big 10 unless it is about Texas beating someone in the Big 10. Texas is staying put. The Texas AD said so. Why do people continue with this dead topic? It is over. The Big 10 will expand, but not by adding Texas. Reality is that the Big 10 will pick among Pitt, WVU, Rutgers, Cincy, and maybe Syracuse. I would normally put ND in that list but did anyone read what Barry Alvarez said about any newcomers to the Big 10. He said they won't get a full share of the money, almost like a junior partner. ND would never join the Big 10 under those conditions? I have a feeling that if ND said they were willing to join the Big 10 then they would most likely be given a full share because of the revenue ND would bring.

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